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"Lived-in Look"

(about 4 hours of work)

This service is Yuri’s signature work which is

a combination of a half head of foils & balayage on tips. 

This service is recommended for previously lightened hair or

a naturally light existing base colour.


"Beach Hair Look”

(about 4-5 hours of work)

A combination of a full head of foils & balayage on tips. 

This service is recommended for previously lightened hair or

a naturally light existing base color.

“Half head Highlights”  2-3 Hours

Inc. Front hairline, top and crown area

“Full head Highlights” 3-4 Hours

Inc. Full head foils

“Face framing Highlights” 1.5-2 Hours

Refresh or enhance the money piece around the face

“Root Shadow”

Blending demarcation from Highlights


Tones your color to control brassiness or

enhance existing color and keep hair looking healthy. 


(requisite addition to all bleach services)



This is the first step of the In-Salon OLAPLEX System which is used as an additive to lessen damage during chemical processing. It is also used as the first step in our Stand-Alone Treatment that prevents damage by restoring and repairing the hair.


This is the second step of the In-Salon OLAPLEX System—the Stand Alone Treatment—and can be used by itself at the back bar for additional benefits to the hair. After chemical services, it repairs any bonds that may have been missed during the service.


As of 2023, I will be changing my price to hourly.

It will be $120 per hour (included Olaplex) which is pretty much similar price as before but more reasonable in general. 

Basically, people who have shorter lengths and lower density or

who need just a touch-up on their highlights for the new growth, it might be less than minimum starting price. 
People who have longer and higher density, coloured hair or virgin hair who are looking for beach blonde, it will require more time, work and products. 


Please arrive for your hair service with dry, manageable hair. For optimal results, kindly wash your hair 12-24 hours prior to your scheduled hair service. This ensures that there is no excess build-up and allows a clean canvas for your hair artist to work with. 



To our amazing clientele,

It’s no secret that we love you and your minis, it's been incredible watching them grow! With the new salon space and busy staff, having children under the age of 12 poses unique and previously unforeseen challenges. Unfortunately, we cannot assure their safety in the salon— we have hot tools, chemical products, sharp objects, and no facilities to care for your children while you are in our hands. We kindly ask that you do not bring children under the age of 12 to accompany you during your services. It is in everyone's best interest that children stay safe and out of harm's way. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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